The Customer

The customer. Also known as the Customerus Iritis. The Customerus often acts in radical and illogical motions, herding within small packs and move into feeding grounds that they call restaurants, fighting other packs with strange squawks and squeals for what they assume to be the best of the harvested crop. The alphas of these packs often display their rightful positions as they designate a spot for their mates and offspring to feed in peace, all while being attentive and mindful of how much their offspring are eating. However, the mindful attention of watching their offspring as they attack other packs’ offspring and tentatively take turns annoying an Employus Disgruntis eludes them. It seems just to assume that the Customerus Iritis displays intense moments of aggressive behavior, vocalizing this aggressiveness as a show of pure hostility and more often leading into displays of authority, and once the Emlployus Disguntis finds a semi-viable solution, they are often less than satisfied. Never truly satisfied, the Customerus Iritis will continuously migrate all of their lives, until they are much too slow and feeble to carry on. Such strange creatures. How odd of this sub-type of Homo Sapien. Yet nature truly works in wondrous ways.

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